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  • Pre-screen all candidates

    Cognisess Pro is the only application that identifies the talent and potential of your people across multiple performance areas – allowing you to create personalised and corporate benchmarks to suit the culture of your organisation and ensure more accurate candidate screening.

    Reduce churn, save time

    And with embedded data modelling analytics for managers, Cognisess Pro helps reduce staff churn, increase productivity and improve health and wellbeing. Cognisess is redefining what it means to find, manage and unlock the skills and talents of your workforce.

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Engaging, fun and data driven

  • Hundreds of data points

  • 30+ Measurable Attributes

  • Use of Game Mechanics

Enterprise talent platform

At Cognisess we believe in people. We believe that every single person has huge potential. And we know that much of that rich seam of cognitive and emotional potential remains unrecognised and untapped. Cognisess Pro is an online platform that supports managers, employees and candidates.

  • Activities

    You page

  • Coaching

    Games  Emotion Test

  • Scorecard

    REsults Progress

  • Metrics

    Dashboard MEtrics

    • Cognitive & Emotional

    • Social & Wellbeing

  • 30


  • Measuring progress 24/7


  • Why Cognisess?

    • Easy to Use
      Point and click data tools
    • Powerful Admin Dashboard
      View high level employee progress
    • Multi-dimensional data
      Across all 4Qs – Cognitive, Personality, Emotion and Wellbeing
    • Granular Reporting
      Drill down to key attribute indicators
    • Q scores
      Measures of overall CQ, EQ and YouQ ability
    • Data Extract
      Pull down data to for further analysis
  • Brain network

Connecting with companies

Don’t take our word for it – we work with businesses to help them choose the right candidates.

Global Research

We work with leading institutions, cognitive neuroscientists, psychologists and researchers.

“Our mission is to better understand and transform cognitive performance, emotional intelligence and wellbeing.”

  • Help us understand more

    Get involved in our cross-cultural research project. We aim to find out the similarities and differences in cognition & empathy.

  • GCES

Software for better employee performance

Personalised, engaging and targeted. Discovering potential in your business.