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Cognisess is a predictive people analytics company helping you understand your people. See this is Cognisess to find out about us and our amazing team.
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Cognisess was started in the beautiful Roman city of Bath by two friends who wanted to help people better understand their talent and potential.

They wanted to bring objectivity and science to the old ways of recruitment and employee performance. And they wanted to do with software that was easy to use and affordable for all.


Assessments played and counting...

Meet some of the team


VP, Engineering

Chris Butt

Founder and CEO

Dr Boris Altemeyer

Chief Scientific Officer


At the heart of everything we do is the belief that people have talent and potential. But they often don’t know it or what it is.

Even worse, it is often overlooked or poorly assessed leading to people ending up in the wrong career or job.

Cognisess is democratising human capital – taking the bias out of people processes to make it fairer, more efficient, and more accurate for candidates, employees and employers to make the right choice.


Cognisess Deep Learn™ is the engine and the intelligence behind everything we do. It’s an innovative and dynamic predictive analytics tool, able to learn, absorb and respond to new information in real-time through a process known as machine learning.

Cognisess Deep Learn™ exists to predict future performance, retention and talent development potential, enabling you to make informed, real-time decisions based on the sum of hundreds of millions of data points.

So you’re able to screen quickly, select with precision, and deploy and develop your best people across the entirety of your business.


Since those early days, the company has grown up.

The software is still built in Bath, by a group of talented, passionate people. The office is bigger and we have partners in different parts of the world – helping us work with customers of all different types and sizes.

But we’ve remained true to our purpose and spirit with which we began: be positive, innovative and help democratise human capital.

Software Development0%

Neuroscience & Psychology0%

Data Science0%


Customer Support0%

Partnerships & integration0%


We have a commitment to give something back to those people who are most disadvantaged in our communities. Cognisess believes that its software and the science behind it can improve the lives of those people who are overlooked or written off.

Cognisess has established a not-for-profit foundation – providing help, support and resources for young people with learning disabilities or who’ve had a tough start in life.

We want to level up and help people achieve all they can in life.

Get in touch with us if you'd like to use the software for free. We work with kids from disadvantaged backgrounds or with learning difficulties.

Chris Butt, Founder & CEO - Cognisess

If you’d like to join the team and really make a difference then get in contact.

We are always looking for motivated and passionate people who can help make Cognisess even better for our customers. Apply Today or drop us a line at support@cognisess.com