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Cognisess is a predictive people analytics company helping you understand your people. Contact us for more information on Cognisess Deep Learn™ engine.
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For a full list of our services including support and consultancy then contact one of our team.


Our talented and passionate team uses the latest in neuroscience research to reinvent people processes, from recruitment and productivity to organisational design.

Chris Butt, CEO | Cognisess

14 New Bond Street

BA1 1BE Bath UK

+44 (0) 1225 318576


With a focus on driver behaviour and road safety, the team in Australia uses Cognisess Deep Learn™ to improve driver selection and recruitment.

Duncan Ferguson, CEO | Cogmetrix

9 Radnor Street

Camberwell, VIC 3124

+61 3 9016 3088


In the Netherlands, the team supports organisations to make the best use of their human capital, specialising in using people analytics in education and healthcare.

Pascalle Ligtenberg, CEO | Ivy Works

Besterdring 235 5014 HK

Tilburg, Netherlands

+31 (0) 623014042

International support for customers of all sizes.

Contact us today

Drop us a line if you have any questions about Cognisess and what we can do for your business. We’re here to help.