About Cognisess | Predictive People Analytics Company
Cognisess is a predictive people analytics company helping you understand your people. See this is Cognisess to find out about us and our amazing team.
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Neuroscience-informed people decisions based on real data

Remove bias by looking at cognitive indicators, behavioural patterns, personality traits, emotional intelligence and core skills. Measuring 80+ attributes, Cognisess Deep Learn™ spots unique talents and personal strengths in order to fit the right person to the right role.



Fast, easy and cost-saving recruitment

Cognisess’ live Application Tracking System allows you to monitor applications at every stage so you can take prompt actions, speeding up your hiring process. Providing comprehensive performance and matching reports for each candidate, you can easily see who best fits the job.


Set benchmarks for new recruits

Create tailor-made profilers based on specific people or attributes, gaining real-time and accurate insights into what “best” looks like. Unique to your organisation and company roles, our Talent Profiler enables you to set benchmarks for new recruits and those changing roles due to promotion or internal restructuring.


Improve future predictions with the employee feedback loop

Rate applicants to help you to decide who to hire, and monitor the performance of current employees to support their development. Gather feedback to increase the likelihood of hiring more of the right people in future.

Appraisal feedback


Individuals create their own digital CV


All your advertised roles in one place


Employee feedback loop

Use feedback to improve future predictions

Sentiment analysis

Gather valuable information from the way candidates write and speak

Health and wellbeing

Encourage your people to keep track of their physical and mental wellbeing