The complete predictive people analytics platform

 An expert in predictive people analytics, Cognisess provides the world’s most complete software platform for helping businesses identify, nurture and retain the workforce talent they need to remain successful. 

It’s all the predictive people analytics solutions you’ll ever need, in a single easy-to-use software platform.  Use the solutions that fit your business best, it might be all of them, it might be some.  You choose.

Driven by a unique combination of data science, neuro science, artificial intelligence and machine learning, it brings you that extra confidence you need in making more informed, data-led human resource decisions.

The benefits of Cognisess predictive people analytics

1 %

Reduction in the cost and time it takes to hire

1 %

Increase in fairness, diversity and inclusion

1 %

Reduction in bias and subjectivity

1 %

Reduction in bad hires and increasing what ‘best’ looks like

How our clients use predictive people analytics



Identifying future leaders and reducing cost.



Increasing diversity and
reducing bias.



Benchmarking sales excellence for better job fit.


World's largest brewer

Transforming European Graduate Recruitment.

What the press says about Cognisess

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BBC | 06.02.18

It analyses facial cues, body language, but also how good a fit for the role you are.

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The prediction technology was developed by UK start-up Cognisess.

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Bath-based Cognisses specialises in games that predict various aptitudes

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We want to rely on an on-line platform to assess skills & remove bias from the outset.

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