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Discover Cognisess, a predictive people analytics company, using our Deep Learn™ engine to help companies understand their most valuable asset: people.
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Embrace the new science of predictive people analytics

Cognisess is reinventing the way businesses make decisions about their most valuable asset: people. Cognisess Deep Learn™ is our unique analytics engine which removes unconscious bias by using cognitive neuroscience to throw light on your people processes. This allows you to recruit with greater confidence, to identify what ‘best’ looks like for your crucial customer-facing roles, leading to an increase in performance and productivity across your organisation.

Unique insight

Predict performance before you hire

Cognisess Deep Learn™ accurately predicts the performance of every applicant, helping you determine the right person for the job: first time, every time.

Know what 'best' looks like

Using cognitive neuroscience, Cognisess Deep Learn™ helps you to accurately and rapidly profile, develop and benchmark against your existing best talent to help you successfully job match for optimum performance.

Organisational improvement

Cognisess Deep Learn™ helps you to understand what makes your top employees tick, giving you a clearer picture about where your talent is and where you could best deploy it to drive additional productivity.

It’s all about people power:

driven by data, informed by science

Cognisess Deep Learn™ is the engine and the intelligence behind everything we do.


It’s an innovative and dynamic predictive analytics tool, able to learn, absorb and respond to new information in real-time through a process known as machine learning.


Cognisess Deep Learn™ exists to predict future performance, retention and talent development potential, enabling you to make informed, real-time decisions based on the sum of hundreds of millions of data points.


So you’re able to screen quickly, select with precision, and deploy and develop your best people across the entirety of your business.

Deep Learn

Companies who trust us with their most valuable asset

I have no special talents. I am only passionately curious.