Cognisess attends first ever Microsoft Founders’ Summit

For the first time, an international group of founders from 40 Microsoft Accelerator startup alumni came together to share what they’ve learnt. Cognisess CEO, Chris Butt, was part of the 2 day event held at Chicheley Hall, north of London.

Cognisess is an alumus of the scheme, having completed the programme in 2014. The Microsoft Founders’ Summit was an opportunity for founders from London, Paris, Bangalore, Berlin, and Seattle to come together, regardless of product lifecycle stage.

There were presentations on sales and communication techniques, tips on hiring the best talent and working on key company values, and a session on listening and negotiating, with founders also talking about their own experiences.

Chris Butt, CEO said: “Being with founders who are going through the same pain is invaluable and unquantifiable. It really is a marathon and building resilience is part of what makes a successful entrepreneur and business.”

Chris was recently a panellist in the selection process for the next cohort of promising tech entrepreneurs to be part of the Microsoft Accelerator.

A total of 24 companies were in the running to become part of the scheme, which provides the tools, resources, connections, knowledge and expertise to grow a successful company.

Microsoft said: “We are focusing on driving real business impact for the companies we work with so the rigour involved in the selection process in critical.”

Others on the panel included Gonzalo Ruiz, MSFT Accelerator CTO, Erica Young, Partner at Anthemis, Shweta Sharma, MSFT Accelerator Mentor, Gurminder Panesar, Wiggin, and Alec Saunders, Senior Director of MSFT Growth Partners.

For more information on the Microsoft Founders’ Summit, take a look at the Founders’ Summit 2017 Mashup video.