The future of wearable technology

With the launch of our ground-breaking research with the Young Racing Driver Academy at Arden using Muse EEG headset technology, we are at the forefront of wearable tech. Dr Boris Altemeyer, Chief Scientific Officer at Cognisess, will be heading to the Wearable Technology Show in London next week to share our world first study. Here he shares his thoughts on attending the Show.

Over the past 12 months wearable technology has become more available than ever before. There are plenty of systems available that are designed to monitor performance and entertain, but the crucial aspect is to show the world how wearable technology can make a true difference to how things are done and unleash potential.

We work with high performance teams and facilitate high performance in many different areas, including sport, industry, and research. We want to speak with anyone interested in applying the technology available in real life, and make available to larger groups what we are pioneering in elite settings.

We believe that wearable technology will undergo a similar development as we have seen with mobile technology in terms of its availability, use and ease of integration.

Following the UK’s decision to leave the EU collaboration across the globe might become a bit more difficult, but it will be more important than ever. Whilst we are very proud to work closely with some of Britain’s most talented people in their respective areas of expertise and performance, we firmly believe in making products that facilitate high performance attainable for a wide audience available all over the globe. This is why we are expanding our network and are working closely with our research and product partners in Canada, the US, as well as of course Europe and Asia.

Having worked in the wearable technology sector from an academic and research perspective, I am very excited to present our developments to the community and get feedback on our projects.

For more information on Cognisess’ work with young drivers, or to arrange to speak to Boris at the Wearable Technology Show in London next week, email us at