Cognisess at the Wearable Technology Show 2017

This month Cognisess attended the Wearable Technology Show in London to showcase its EEG racing helmet that’s taking predictive people analytics onto the racing track.

Ayrton WTS2017Young elite driver Ayrton Simmons attended to demo the world first technology, alongside Cognisess CEO Chris Butt, Chief Scientific Officer Dr Boris Altemeyer and Research Associate Gerry Taulo. Boris took to the stage to talk about the ground breaking research, sharing insights on machine learning and predictive people analytics in elite sport with an engaged crowd.

A high profile event

The Wearable Technology Show is the largest event for wearables, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), the Internet of Things and connected technology. With over 200 speakers and 75 hours of talks and panel discussions, Cognisess was among those at the forefront of wearable technology.

Chris Butt, Cognisess CEO, said: “WTS 2017 was a great success for Cognisess. We had considerable interest in the launch of the world’s first racing helmet/EEG combination. Ayrton Simmons, part of the Young Racing Driver Academy and tipped to be a future F1 driver, joined us throughout and demonstrated the power of the brain telemetry. We look forward to rolling this technology out more widely.”

Ayrton Simmons

World first innovation and collaboration

Ayrton Simmons, young driver with the Young Racing Driver Academy, said: “The show was really interesting, amazing to see how the technology is evolving! It was also a good media training occasion for me, with various filming and interviews for different channels.

“I think Cognisess’ work is very valuable – anything that could help improve racing drivers’ performance is definitely worth being taken seriously. I feel privileged to be part of the development and the first one in the world to try it.”

Dr Boris Altemeyer, Chief Scientific Officer at Cognisess, said: “The event, both as a show and the panel stream, exceeded our already high expectations. It is great to see that the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit in this sector is stronger than ever, generating a lot of interest in our projects and solutions.

“We made great contacts who share the scientific and open minded approach that we base our work on, and are very much looking forward to exploring new collaborations in the coming weeks. The panel was great, and João, who facilitated it, was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and hope it was useful to the people attending it.”

Ayrton Simmons 2

Taking brain telemetry to the masses

The EEG racing helmet allows live streaming of a driver’s brain waves to the pit crew. This real time information on driver state of mind and level of concentration is highly important, affecting performance on the track. Combined with Cognisess Deep Learn™, patterns of processing not in line with the driver’s best performance on the track can be spotted, predicting – and alerting drivers to – potential cognitive pitfalls.

Take a look at our WTS 2017 gallery for more photos from the two-day event, and read more about the launch of our cutting edge research with the Young Racing Driver Academy, Brain telemetry: Predicting performance of elite drivers.

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