Cognisess announce new Partner agreement with Australian market research firm

Cognisess are excited to announce that as from September 2017 they will be adding Lewers Research, a leading consumer research company based in Melbourne to their growing representation in Australia.

Lewers is an Australian owned, full service market research agency founded in 2005 by Lisa Lewers with an established reputation as a ‘discoverer of strategic value’ generating unique insight and analysis for branding, advertising, customer segmentation, acquisition and new product development.

Cognisess CEO Chris Butt said:
“Lewers are a great addition to the Cognisess Partner family and this comes on the back of an increasing interest from marketing orientated channel partners.  We have been recognised in the market for applying Predictive Analytics for People within the HR/Enterprise sectors – but there is growing attention from brand and consumer experts and service providers who can see the principles behind our AI technology are as valid to understanding and predicting the behaviour of customers as they are for potential and existing employee assessments. It comes from the same need to use data and insight to understand how people may perform or behave – but just in a different context”.

Cognisess Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Boris Altemeyer also commented:
“We welcome the intellectual creativity and rigour of Lewers into our platform – for example, we are already anticipating working together to innovate around understanding and spotting behavioural trends about when a customer starts to think about churning – long before a brand would ever know it’s going on. The vast costs of customers churning is something that can be mitigated and turned from a negative into an even more superior customer experience. This thinking is as applicable to the customer experience as it is to the employee one. So we look forward to engaging with Lewers on this and other innovations.”

Founder, Lisa Lewers said: “We have been doing some extensive research (as you might expect!) of the marketplace and Cognisess really stood out as having a very holistic approach to understanding People Analytics. Their platform, Cognisess Pro, covers a huge range of options to explore and discover emotional, cognitive and personality insights. Collaborating on this rich predictive analytics platform is exciting as we can go much deeper into understanding and predicting how customers really think and how they will behave in a range of different brand scenarios whilst leaving bias and subjectivity behind. I think the potential is limitless”.

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