Humanising AI

 In light of recent data privacy and GDPR developments and the associated fallout, this recent article from the Guardian which quoted Cognisess raises some interesting and valid points.  We do welcome this debate and think it is very timely.

However, whilst it rightly challenges where the human value is within these new systems – it perhaps underplays the significant benefits that predictive analytics and AI can offer job seekers and employees when done right.

We have seen the introduction of AI and automated processes, working in parallel with trained professionals, bringing greater transparency and less bias than traditional HR and recruitment practices, which can often be inherently flawed, with limited accountability. And that can only be a good thing.

Cognisess Platform Dashboard

We have also noted this technology enabling a greater democratisation of human capital, particularly with startups and SMEs who need access to affordable and dependable tools that are currently only available at a premium price to bigger companies. It’s the smaller players who have fewer resources and need to move with greater agility, who will benefit most from this revolution. Of course, the bigger companies will benefit from managing their scale better with greater transparency but it’s the army of smaller businesses who have the greater need to work smarter, faster and take greater risks in their talent acquisition efforts.

While the games and quizzes the Guardian mentions do indeed help to indicate which candidates might or might not be the best fit for a role, they can also empower people, from students to seasoned professionals in helping them to understand exactly where their talents lie and therefore more easily find the right opportunities to fulfil their potential.

Currently we rely on hearsay as to why we might not be successful for a job role or promotion. But now you as a candidate or employee can expect an accurate and transparent account of where your skills did not match on that occasion. This is a tremendously human improvement from the current level of feedback one might expect. Over stretched Human Resource professionals will never have the time or tools to accurately feedback detail to all candidates with the same speed and accuracy as the AI will.

Yondur Platform

And rather than ‘bewildering’, these tools are designed to help identify attributes which may often be overlooked by a fatigued or distracted interviewer. It is no fault of recruiters or employers that the job market is becoming increasingly complex. The bewilderment factor is in fact more prevalent from the speed at which the demand for new skills and capabilities are emerging.

Through candidate focused platforms like our and others, candidates can now freely familiarise themselves with a range of assessments and job requirements, and use these supporting resources to help them with both their search and their personal development.

Undoubtedly, workforce and HR Analytics is a rapidly evolving and growing industry and increased competition is a good thing, but quality will remain as important as ever, as will delivering real value and reliability for employers and employees alike. We believe that systems like Cognisess Pro will in fact add a stronger human dimension – if for no reason other than managers will have the time and accurate information to make the best people decisions.

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be running a series of articles to highlight some of the work we’ve been doing in these areas with our advisors and clients to ensure that maximum transparency and data integrity is enshrined throughout the Cognisess platform and procedures.

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