Roadmap 2020


Following some recent high level reports from the likes of the World Economic Forum and McKinsey Global Institute on the future of the workplace in the impending AI and Machine Learning era, Cognisess take a medium-term look at what this might mean for both employers and employees. It is certain that there will be a huge systemic transformation of the workplace and it is clear People Analytics will play a pivotal role in helping people and organisations alike in managing these transitions.

Cognisess predict that whilst these shifts will be profound and wide sweeping, these may not necessary result in the dystopic and inhuman vision of the future that many fear. Instead, we see new opportunities for a dynamic and empowered workforce empowered by access to human analytics and talent management tools which will turn the tables on today’s demand-driven employment industries.

Please read our full Road Map 2020 and let us know what you think:

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