How Predictive People Analytics is Transforming Recruitment

Data Driven Recruitment and Performance Management has allowed recruiters, both internal and external, to apply a scientific method to the process of defining, replicating, and predicting what ‘best looks like’.

This goes far beyond standard procedures of CV sifting and interviews – most of which are biased and neither always compliant or ever indicative of performance and potential.

In this webinar, HR practitioners as well as those interested in the application of data driven techniques to organisational design and human performance tracking will be invited to join sessions on relevant case studies, technological advances, and best practice based on successful implementations of such solutions.

Dr. Boris Altemeyer, Chief Scientific Officer at Cognisess, will share insights into the data driven solutions that have transformed the hiring and performance measurement of global companies, using online assessments, computer vision analytics, as well as KPI relations.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Why you should recruit using soft skills (personality, cognition, behaviour, communication)
  • How to evaluate what ‘good looks like’
  • Creating ‘benchmarks’ for your top performing employees
  • Using technology to ensure being GDPR compliant, and why paper-based recruitment may not be
  • Video assessment & computer vision – interviews form an objective viewpoint, 24/7
  • Case studies from multi-national clients, working across the globe