Bath Digital Festival

Proud Headline Sponsor

A Summary

The largest and most inclusive tech festival in the South-West.

The Bath Digital Festival brings people and technology together, allowing day to day people to explore the thriving digital scene in and around Bath and get their hands on experiences with the latest projects.

In 2019, Cognisess was honoured to be the headline sponsor of this prestigious and innovative event. During our time at Bath Digital Festival we curated a selection of workshops, lectures and showcased several of our platforms interactive cognitive assessments. Keep scrolling to browse our highlights:

Our Lectures

Listed below are a selection of lectures that we hosted during our take-over day in the Apex Hotel, Bath. These particular talks were held by several of our leading researchers and analysts, including our Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Boris Altemeyer and Research Associate, Jed Brown. Our topics included the effect of VR technology on psychological care, the future of AI in the workplace, how we can maintain nourishment throughout the day and how we can teach a computer to recognise emotion.

Understanding the benefits of vR in psychological care: what the gamers have known all along

making work meaningful (again): the future of work and aI

Nourishment for optimal energy: how to achieve and maintain energy throughout the day

How To teach your computer to recognise happiness

See how predictive people analytics can benefit your business