The Candidate Experience

Understanding the Cognisess journey

The Benefits

Eases Test Anxiety

Applicants tend to relax and forget it is a test situation because the assessments are so engaging. Test anxiety is common amongst applicants, and our platform can help combat this problem.


Not only are our assessments scientifically backed, but they are also fun to play and engage with.

Show True Abilities

Unlike a traditional process, you have the power to demonstrate your unique abilities to an employer.

Reduced Biased

Our platform is only interested in assessing your abilities and how your brain works. Personal information such as your gender, race or ethnicity is never taken into account.

Reduced Time

Are you tired of long job application processes? Our games can collect a large amount of data in a short space of time. This means the typical application process can be much shorter.

Our Candidate Process



Personal Details



The Result

The benefits of Cognisess predictive people analytics

1 %


45% of the world’s population can operate the platform in their native language.

1 %


Positive experience for candidates using the platform.

1 %


Accuracy in successful predictions.

1 %


Match between human rating and artificial intelligience.

Our Tips for Success

A Guide to your Digital Profile

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