Combating Bias in Recruitment: Cognisess addresses the issue in the Sunday Telegraph article

The Sunday Telegraph added their voice to the debate surrounding the introduction of automation and AI into the workforce area by publishing an article regarding the future of recruitment and how it may remove bias from the recruitment process:

The article chooses the timing of the #MeToo movement to examine the future of candidate recruitment and asks whether it is possible to remove the bias out of talent selection using AI to analyse key employment skills, capability and performance – thus potentially replacing the traditional job interview. The argument being that machines are neither aware nor interested in someone’s age, gender, looks or other points of subjectivity which humans are sub–consciously (or consciously) prone to.

The article highlights how the Cognisess platform is designed to eliminate bias at the early stage screening process as well as the final stages of recruitment. “Unlike a human being AI has no inherent bias and even if all of the data is not completely perfect, the volume it accesses – three million data points every 10 minutes per applicant in some cases – gives it a considerable advantage over humans.” Commented CSO Dr Boris Altemeyer in the article.

Cognisess Deep Learn™ is the AI engine and the intelligence behind everything at Cognisess, using machine learning and algorithms to synthesise and observe probabilities and patterns. It’s an innovative and dynamic predictive analytics tool with the ability to learn, absorb and react to multiple information streams and data sets.

Dr Altemeyer explains “Technically this system can recruit in its entirety, but we would never advocate removing people completely from the process. If you think about humans reviewing 60 or more video interviews a day and still being absolutely unbiased or as sharp as when they watched the first one that would be a tall order for anyone, so it’s about getting as much of the purist data to them, so they make the best decisions”.

There are ever increasing pressures on companies to reduce bias and speed up hiring processes meaning HR and Recruiters have no choice but to turn to new technologies to make them more accurate, transparent and fair. These technologies mean that candidates and employees can not only look forward to being handled in a way that is inherently fairer and more accurate – but also they are hoping the new technology will provide a more personalised and individual approach – far greater so than any HR or Recruiter would ever have the time to dedicate.

AI may not solve societal inequality through talent recruitment – but it will improve social mobility far more than a human recruiter will be able to. Cognisess’ mission is to deliver a more accurate, fairer set of actionable insights into how we, as people, are assessed. And ultimately, that’s all most of us really want when putting ourselves forward to be considered for career opportunities. We simply want our potential to be judged objectively as to whether the job opportunity is well within our capability levels or perhaps it’s more of a stretch into a related field.  So let’s bring it about and be ever more transparent.

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Cognisess heads to Toronto for UK accelerator business programme

Cognisess the UK-based, leading HR Analytics & Software company has been selected as one of 17 leading AI companies in the UK to form a trade delegation to Canada from 19-22 March 2018.

Following a rigorous selection process, Cognisess were identified as a key prospect to participate in Innovate UK’s Global Business Accelerator programme where leading UK AI businesses are sponsored to spend 4 days in Toronto meeting with Universities, Accelerators, R&D institutions in the AI sector as well as Venture Capitalists.

“We are grateful to Newable, Innovate UK and the Enterprise Europe Network for making this opportunity possible” commented Chris Butt, Cognisess CEO. “The timing for this programme couldn’t be better – we now have a well established customer base in the UK & Europe with strategic partners in Europe, Australia & Israel – but North America is the next big push for us. Toronto is an exciting location for technology collaboration, innovation and investment and we feel there will be scope to find the right partners who can help leverage our market leading AI platform into the US & Canadian market with scale.”

The delegation features emerging technologies such as robotics, proximity marketing, influencer marketing, VR and web censorship.

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Cognisess Pro is now available on Microsoft AppSource

Cognisess, the Bath based software company announced that their flagship enterprise product Cognisess Pro –  the Predictive Analytics Platform for People –  is now publicly available on the Microsoft AppSource.

AppSource is the business app marketplace created by the computer giant, Microsoft, and is rapidly becoming the go-to-destination globally forenterprise scale business customers featuring over 200 SaaS (software as a solution) products which can help customers’ businesses to perform, compete and operate more efficiently.

As an Independent Solution Vendor (ISV) Cognisess are now able to market their SaaS offering to the entire international Microsoft ecosystem which is used by potential end clients and third party partners worldwide.

“This takes our relationship with Microsoft to another level” commented Cognisess CEO, Chris Butt. “In four years we have graduated from the Microsoft Accelerator Programme with a fledging offer in the HR Analytics market to becoming a fully integrated enterprise SaaS offering for the global market. It is both a testament to our team in driving our ambition to be a significant brand in the HR Analytics market and to the level of maturity of the market that Microsoft are keen to add Cognisess to their suite of products covering Workforce & People Analytics.”

Cognisess Chief Technology Officer, Tree outlined the significance of this latest development for Cognisess: “Microsoft run a rigorous process of vetting your product before it is accepted into their ecosystem as you might expect. Your quality and compatibility need to be approved by Microsoft before you can be considered as a product capable of integrating with their major enterprise platforms like Microsoft Office 365, Azure and ultimately with Dynamics and Power BI. So it’s a big boost for our technical and engineering reputation to be accepted at this level. It doesn’t get any higher in business terms”.

“We are looking forward to putting our best efforts forward to really capitalise on this new level of access to global partners and clients. It is exactly the kind of strategic boost that the business needs to elevate the brand and its profile globally.” Said Chris Butt.



Sign up for Cognisess Pro via Microsoft appsource here: Cognisess Pro on AppSource

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Cognisess at the Wearable Technology Show 2017

This month Cognisess attended the Wearable Technology Show in London to showcase its EEG racing helmet that’s taking predictive people analytics onto the racing track.

Ayrton WTS2017Young elite driver Ayrton Simmons attended to demo the world first technology, alongside Cognisess CEO Chris Butt, Chief Scientific Officer Dr Boris Altemeyer and Research Associate Gerry Taulo. Boris took to the stage to talk about the ground breaking research, sharing insights on machine learning and predictive people analytics in elite sport with an engaged crowd.

A high profile event

The Wearable Technology Show is the largest event for wearables, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), the Internet of Things and connected technology. With over 200 speakers and 75 hours of talks and panel discussions, Cognisess was among those at the forefront of wearable technology.

Chris Butt, Cognisess CEO, said: “WTS 2017 was a great success for Cognisess. We had considerable interest in the launch of the world’s first racing helmet/EEG combination. Ayrton Simmons, part of the Young Racing Driver Academy and tipped to be a future F1 driver, joined us throughout and demonstrated the power of the brain telemetry. We look forward to rolling this technology out more widely.”

Ayrton Simmons

World first innovation and collaboration

Ayrton Simmons, young driver with the Young Racing Driver Academy, said: “The show was really interesting, amazing to see how the technology is evolving! It was also a good media training occasion for me, with various filming and interviews for different channels.

“I think Cognisess’ work is very valuable – anything that could help improve racing drivers’ performance is definitely worth being taken seriously. I feel privileged to be part of the development and the first one in the world to try it.”

Dr Boris Altemeyer, Chief Scientific Officer at Cognisess, said: “The event, both as a show and the panel stream, exceeded our already high expectations. It is great to see that the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit in this sector is stronger than ever, generating a lot of interest in our projects and solutions.

“We made great contacts who share the scientific and open minded approach that we base our work on, and are very much looking forward to exploring new collaborations in the coming weeks. The panel was great, and João, who facilitated it, was fantastic. I thoroughly enjoyed the session and hope it was useful to the people attending it.”

Ayrton Simmons 2

Taking brain telemetry to the masses

The EEG racing helmet allows live streaming of a driver’s brain waves to the pit crew. This real time information on driver state of mind and level of concentration is highly important, affecting performance on the track. Combined with Cognisess Deep Learn™, patterns of processing not in line with the driver’s best performance on the track can be spotted, predicting – and alerting drivers to – potential cognitive pitfalls.

Take a look at our WTS 2017 gallery for more photos from the two-day event, and read more about the launch of our cutting edge research with the Young Racing Driver Academy, Brain telemetry: Predicting performance of elite drivers.

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Brain telemetry: Predicting performance of elite drivers

Cognisess is embarking on ground breaking research with future Formula One stars as part of its mission to reveal the talent and potential of young people. Working with Muse and the Young Racing Driver Academy (YRDA), and combining neuroscience with state of the art technology and big data, Cognisess hopes to uncover the predictors of elite performance.

A world first combination

Cognisess, in collaboration with the Muse designers Interaxon in Canada, has developed the world’s first racing helmet / EEG combination. This allows live streaming of the drivers’ brain waves to the pit crew, which is likely to include psychologists in the future.

Knowing the state of mind of a driver is highly important. It not only affects performance on the track (in terms of lap times and potential risks of accidents), but also how their style of driving wears out materials such as the tyres, suspension, and engine components.

Training the next Lewis Hamilton – one neuron at a time, in real-time

Cognisess is piloting this ground breaking research with the YRDA at Arden to introduce what can be described as ‘brain telemetry’. Using the Muse EEG headset technology, Cognisess has fitted custom built ultra-slim EEG technology into a full-face race helmet, to give real time information on the driver’s state of mind and level of concentration.

Arden will use this technology to complement their driver training programme. This programme has already seen the introduction of live-stream EEG technology in simulator environments and the full integration of the Cognisess platform to monitor performance.

Deep Learn™ in your helmet

Ayrton SimmonsUsing Cognisess’ proprietary Deep Learn™ machine learning system, along with the combination of car telematics, cognitive performance measures from the Cognisess platform, and the ‘brain telemetry’ now being piloted, Cognisess is pioneering a new stage of fully integrated performance measurement and enhancement for elite athletes.

The brain waves transmitted in real-time to the pit crew and race team can be used with Cognisess Deep Learn™ to spot patterns of processing that are not in line with the drivers’ best performance on the given track. They can even highlight changes in mood. This will be highly important in alerting the driver to when an event on the track may have triggered an aggressive decision making strategy. Emotional responses have been known in the past to cause drivers to misjudge risks and even result in crashes.

Predicting driver behaviour before it occurs

Many different technologies have come from Formula One racing, designed to make racing safer and drivers and cars faster. However, these technologies are mostly based around an ‘after the event’ approach, reactive to behaviour. Starting at the very source of human behaviour – the brain – our technology, based on predictive people analytics, has the potential to impact driver behaviour even before it occurs.

Cognisess’ Chief Scientific Officer, Dr Boris Altemeyer, said: “This brings cutting edge technology into a environment where elite performers can make use of data feedback with a level of detail that has never been possible before. Bringing together Deep Learn™ machine learning, cognitive performance assessments, and real time monitoring in the actual performance setting will allow us to help athletes push the performance benchmarks and reduce risks drastically. I can’t wait for Psychologists being standard members of the race teams.”

Jon Pitts, High Performance coach to elite athletes, commented: “This project represents a new angle on elite sport focusing on the brain as the central driver of performance. It is only possible through the combined cutting edge technology of motor racing and the Cognisess platform, and we can now measure the brain in action and compare this to the telematics data coming from the simulators and cars. Overall it allows us to optimise the learning, skill development and performance of our YRDA and Arden young drivers.

“Today’s F1 cars are doing things almost instantaneously and the driver’s brains are under extreme pressure to process this information. In light of next season’s technical changes intended to make the cars even faster the potential to optimise brain function could be the new advantage in the sport”

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To read more about Muse EEG headset technology visit the Muse website, and to find out more about Arden and the Young Racing Driver Academy, visit Arden Motorsport and the YRDA site.