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Cognisess is a predictive analytics for people company. See Cognisess manager toolkit for advice, tools & resources to help support employees on-boarding the Cognisess Platform.
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For support please contact us at

Manager Toolkit

Advice, tools & resources to help managers support their employees on-board the Cognisess Platform.

Please find supporting material for you to provide your employees to encourage them to on-board the platform.




For further support please access our FAQs at

Document Library



Get your employees to reveal their talent & potential through benchmarking skills & performance. Benchmarking can be used as part of  career development.



Allow your employees to take control of their personal development. Appraisals are very useful element of personal development.




Let your employees get their voices heard. Engaged employees perform at a higher level and bring passion and interest to their job.




Allow your employees to track their lifestyle with Cognisess Pro. Health & wellbeing is an important part of your personal development.



A digital profile can help you understand who your employees are and promote their attributes and is part of an ongoing personal development program.



Understand your teams and culture and help your organisation communicate and collaborate more effectively.



Boost your employees skills with Cognisess’ training and development which can shape their on-going progress, digital profile and feedback.