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Cognisess is a predictive people analytics company helping you understand your people. See Cognisess press and media to view press releases and media kit.
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For press and media enquiries please contact us at


You can use our logo, but please use the approved versions.

We provide a number of versions. Use the logo that best fits the colours you’re working with. Please refer to the brand guidelines if you have any questions.

We’d ask you not to manipulate the logo in any way. Thanks!

Cognisess logo PRIMARY

Cognisess on green

Cognisess no icon

Cognisess icon on green

Cognisess icon on white

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Getting colour right

Cognisess uses a number of colours within its primary colur palette. The main colour is Cognisess green #75B00A

Cognisess green PRIMARY

Cognisess blue

Cognisess orange

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Snaps for you

We’ve taken some photos of the team. Feel free to use these.

Chris Butt Founder and CEO Cognisess

Chris Butt, Founder & CEO

Chris Butt, Founder & CEO

Cognisess Team, 2016

Cognisess platform

Cognisess on mobile device

Interview with Chris Butt, Founder & CEO

Assessments Feature Screenshots

Cognisess assessments screens

ATS Feature Screenshots

Cognisess Application Tracking System

Feedback Feature Screenshots

Cognisess feedback screens

Profiler Feature Screenshots

Cognisess profiler screens

Cognisess Muse Headset

Cognisess Platform with Muse EEG headset



Chris Butt co-founded Cognisess and has served as our Chief Executive Officer since 2012. Prior to founding Cognisess, Chris worked in senior commercial and publishing roles and served as Head of Commercial of ONS.

Chris Butt

Founder & CEO

Dr Boris Altemeyer has served as our Chief Scientific Officer since 2016. Prior to joining Cognisess, Boris was a lecturer in Business Psychology at the University of Westminster and his specialist areas of expertise lie in applied research methods, data analytics, facial and emotional recognition, and technology acceptance.

Dr. Boris Altemeyer PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Tree has served as our VP, Engineering since 2014. Tree's primary role is software and technology architect and has considerable experience in AI and analytical processes - suited to building our machine Learning solution Cognisess DeepLearn™.


VP, Engineering


Founded in Bath, UK. 2012


Profiles completed

20+ employees and partners supporting a multi-language platform.


Assessments completed



Head Office

14 New Bond Street, Bath BA1 1BE UK

Partner Offices

  • Cogmetrix, Australia
  • Ivy Works, The Netherlands
  • Brain Care, Ireland


Cognisess Deep Learn™ solutions

Selection & Recruitment

  • Find and secure the right talent

Performance & Productivity

  • Know what best looks like

Organisational Design

  • Understand what makes your organisation effective

Who are we


Cognisess is a predictive people analytics company.


What we do


Our software platform Cognisess Deep Learn™ helps companies understand the current and future value of their most important and expensive asset: people.


Our mission


To be the leading software platform for predictive people analytics to support better selection, recruitment and talent management.


Our purpose


To democratise human capital by taking bias out of people processes making it fairer, more efficient, and more accurate for candidates, employees and employers.


How we do it


Cognisess’ serves frontline HR and business functions with an affordable, pay-as-you-go platform to optimise both candidates and employee performance through predictive people analytics.


By harnessing cognitive neuro-science, data and predictive analytics, Cognisess removes the bias and subjectivity around hiring, annual appraisals and organisational design – saving companies time, money and ensuring the right talent is aligned to the right job – every time.

We want to help people understand their talent so they can realise their potential.
Chris Butt, Founder & CEO