Cognisess Pro

Maximising people performance

A predictive people analytics platform for business, Cognisess Pro provides human resource and recruitment professionals with the data and insights they need to make better informed decisions about their people.

Including more than 50 assessments measuring over 120 attributes, it helps you identify, retain and maximise the performance, potential and fit of your talent. And because Cognisess Pro is built on artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data science and cognitive neuroscience, it helps overcome any bias and subjectivity. Bad hires avoided, less employee churn and greater productivity – it helps you better understand the value of your people.

Cognisess Sport

Achieving elite performance

Subconscious cognitive brain functions are a key determinant of world-beating elite sporting performance. Really understanding their role and impact on results is vital to maintaining a competitive edge. 

Combining cognitive neuroscience, data science, machine learning and predictive analytics, the Cognisess Sport software platform provides the knowledge that’s required. It brings athletes, coaches and administrators the insights they need to make better informed decisions about training regimes, performance levels and maximising potential.

Cognisess Drive

Optimising commercial driving

For businesses operating transport fleets and employing commercial drivers, understanding driver performance levels can be vital in meeting business objectives. The Cognisess Drive software platform provides therefore all of the tools needed to monitor and improve driver competencies, capabilities and knowledge.

By harnessing cognitive neuroscience, data science, machine learning and predictive analytics, Cognisess Drive helps improve driver wellbeing and reduces fleet operating costs, it increases road safety and reduces corporate risk. And a whole lot more besides.

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Cognisess Learn

Increasing student employability

While levels of academic success and educational attainment continue to increase globally, it’s widely thought that many students and graduates still lack the cognitive and emotional skills needed in the workplace. 

So our assessment platform Cognisess Learn helps them to foresee and understand their strengths and weaknesses, encouraging them to develop the skills they need to increase their employability. It’s used by forward-thinking schools and colleges to pro-actively manage skills gaps and to match student attributes to future career pathways.

Cognisess Apprentice

Making apprentices industry-ready

Comprising comprehensive assessments, predictive analytics and detailed reporting, the Cognisess Apprentice platform covers the entire apprenticeship journey, from initial selection to first job and beyond.

Used throughout the apprenticeship eco-system, by schools, colleges, apprenticeship providers and employers, the platform reveals the capabilities and potential of individual apprentices, helps fill any skills gaps they may have and matches them to the needs of specific roles and industry sectors. Returns on apprentice investment are maximised, apprentice attrition rates minimised.

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