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Cognisess turns people data into insightful, predictive information with Cognisess Deep Learn™. See Cognisess solutions to help understand your people.
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The power of predictive people analytics

Cognisess Deep Learn™ turns millions of data points and inputs into clear insights that allow you to make the best informed decisions for your organisation.


Our unique predictive people analytics engine brings out the strengths, attributes and personality traits of every candidate and employee. It avoids subjectivity and bias so your organisation can make its people decisions based on clear facts and data analysis.


The Cognisess Platform covers the range of key people processes, focusing on three important areas – Candidate Recruitment, Employee Productivity and Organisational Design.

Embedded Cognisess Deep Learn™

Candidate Recruitment

Identify the right person for the job: first time, every time.

No more sifting through endless CVs and no more scheduling hours of interview time with a long list of candidates. Using the Cognisess Deep Learn™ predictive people analytics engine, you can pre-screen hundreds of applicants in moments and auto-invite for interview.

Employee Productivity

Every business has its shining stars.

Cognisess’ job matching and profiling function assesses your top talent. It then creates talent benchmarks, quickly and accurately building models of your ideal candidates based on factors such as cultural fit, emotional intelligence, cognitive effectiveness and self-motivated productivity.

Organisational Design

An organisation’s greatest asset is its people.

To thrive in today’s business landscape, organisations have to be agile and adaptable. Everyone needs to be willing and able to respond to new challenges, to adapt to new ways of working, responding to new strategies, and transforming business models and structures.


Beautiful and intuitive design to make your job easier.

  • 01 ASSESS

    Profile your employees and candidates across 80+ attributes using Cognisess Deep Learn™


    Compare users against pre-defined benchmarks in real time saving time and money.

  • 03 REPORT

    View reports and data, circulate to managers and feedback to candidates and employees.

  • 04 DEVELOP

    Boost performance and develop your people with personalised training and development tools.


    Generate user feedback over regular periods to report on progress and update management KPIs





Cognisess Deep Learn™


Cognisess Deep Learn™ is tied to the user—not a desk. Cognisess’s mobile apps are built for the user first – candidates, employees, team leaders and managers – wherever they are and on whatever device they are using.

Cognisess brings together scores, reports, feedback and people analytics to unlock the true potential of secure anywhere, anytime working.