All in the mix: AI is about augmentation, not just automation

In the latest edition of Information Age, Dr Boris Altemeyer, Cognisess’ Chief Scientific Officer, discusses how AI will enhance, rather than replace, humans. Machines will always obey – AI needs us to calibrate, supervise and manage it to survive.

At Cognisess we recognise the complexity of the relationship between AI and humans, and what enormous benefits data science and machine learning can bring to many of our human systems and processes.

“We’re behind the curve if we only think of (AI’s) application in simple, or easily automated, tasks. Because some of the best areas for AI to work are the least obvious, and the most complex.”

He also explores why predictive people analytics is a better performance indicator than a CV.

“AI doesn’t have to understand its own unconscious bias, because it has none. AI does not need diversity and inclusion training. It’s incapable of taking an instant dislike to someone, secretly wondering whether someone’s planning on starting a family, or hiring someone who’s pleasingly similar to them.”

The article was published in Information Age, who support technology leaders in managing businesses critical issues. Read the article in full here:

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Cognisess featured in BBC technology channel

Cognisess and CEO Chris Butt featured in BBC’s Technology of Business channel which was looking at the impact of automation & machine learning on our recruitment  processes:

The article was examining whether there was a potential erosion of human values that automation and machine learning were starting to bring to such an important process and posed the question: Does an over-reliance on technology mean recruiters are losing the personal touch? CEO Chris responds to some of the important points raised in the article as matters relating to recruitment, talent and human potential are interweaving with new technological breakthroughs in AI and automation.

CEO of Cognisess, Chris Butt in one to one meeting

As a company that has been pioneering in the field of Predictive Analytics for People for over a decade, I am increasingly being asked to comment about the developments of these emerging technologies. This has especially increased over the past 6-12 months where it has suddenly started to capture the attention of many ordinary citizens who are now being exposed to technologies like Cognisess Pro – our enterprise platform that supports talent recruitment and employee performance assessments. The simple view is that this technology is here now – and it’s going to stay. It is only going to become more prevalent – not less. So in answer to the key question the BBC posed above; automation & AI technologies are an opportunity to become more personal and personalised – not less.

Perhaps another bold statement, but the reason why major companies of all sizes and from all sectors are turning to technologies like Cognisess Pro & Deep Learn(TM) is because they are simply overwhelmed by the sheer scale, speed & volume of handling people and their data within ever increasing complexities of the 21 century workplace. In this scenario of woods & trees – HR and Recruit teams are increasingly likely to fall into practices which are inherently rushed, superficial, subjective, bias or even misinformed. And who can blame them? Pressures on reducing costs and speeding up hiring and assessments of people mean that HR and Recruiters have no choice but to turn to new technologies to speed up processes and make them more accurate. But that needn’t necessarily depersonalise or dehumanise the process – quite the opposite. In fact, these technologies mean that candidates and employees can not only look forward to being handled in a way that is not only inherently fairer, more accurate and insightful – but also in a manner which is far more personalised than any HR or Recruiter would ever have the time to be.

Our job and career profiling tools can assess a candidate’s skills, personality, cognitive and emotional aptitude and ultimate fit against 1200 different job roles, a number of teams or an organisation’s entire culture. Not only that, we can produce a personal digital profile that can show you – as a candidate for a new job or promotion – exactly where you did or did excel against every other candidate. So, in this respect, a candidate would get immediate, honest and objective feedback on their fit, their potential and which were the areas that they did or did not match up to against other leading candidates.

Is it 100% accurate, 100% of the time? Perhaps not (yet). But it is certainly provides a more accurate, more immediate and more personalised set of actionable insights into how we, as people, are ultimately assessed. And that what most of us really want when putting ourselves forward for opportunities – whether they are well within our experience levels or stretching us into new opportunities. So let’s bring it on and be ever more transparent.

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