About Cognisess Deep Learn™

The engine behind our predictive people analytics

Science & Technology

At the heart of our predictive analytics platform lies Cognisess Deep Learn™. It’s our software engine, the intelligence that makes it all happen.  It’s able to learn from and act upon multiple people data streams, turning hundreds of inputs into clear insights enabling you to make better-informed decisions about people – whether to hire or promote, how to value an individual’s contribution.

Driven by a unique combination of proprietary artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, data science and cognitive neuroscience, Cognisess Deep Learn™ helps you to understand people better.  Removing bias and subjectivity, it means you can better recognise the true value of individuals to your business, not just now but into the future as well.  It predicts.

Game-based assessment data

One of the most vital inputs to the Deep Learn™ engine are the results of more than 50 different game-based assessments provided by the Cognisess Pro predictive analytics platform. 

Able to measure both candidates and employees against more than 100 attributes, they cover a complete range of human values, including cognitive ability, behavioural patterns, personality traits, social cohesion, emotional intelligence and core skills.

Turning data into insights

Of course Cognisess Deep Learn™ is fully customizable too, allowing you to configure key performance indicators and specific attributes to measure your people against.  And with the right information and insight at your fingertips decision-making is easier. 

You know what ‘good’ and ‘best’ really look like, not just for an individual job role but for a team too, the organisation and even the sector as a whole.

State-of-the-art user platform

Cloud based
Mobile optimised
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Multi language
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