Dr Boris Altemeyer


How Millennials and Genz are changing the workplace.

With Dr Boris Altemeyer

Dr Boris Altemeyer is a Business Psychologist, experienced in the fields of organisational design, personnel selection and career consulting, and with specialist expertise in interpersonal communication, technology acceptance and psychological research methods.

Now that Generation Z have joined Millennials in the corporate world, it is suspected that the long awaited reshape of the workplace is on its way. 

The webinar will cover:

  • What makes work ‘meaningful’ for Millennials and Generation Z and why it’s different from what we have seen previously.
  • Are there differences between how the generations make decisions at work?
  • Has the ‘planned career’ is gone forever? There has been a drastic move from the 9-5 office-based work environment. Does this impact on our performance at work?

26th September 2019
11am GMT – 45 Minutes

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