Presented by Dr Boris Altemeyer

How Predictive People Analytics is Transforming Recruitment

Data Driven Recruitment and Performance Management has allowed recruiters to apply a scientific method to define, replicate, and predict what ‘best looks like’.

Topics covered in this webinar include:

  • Why you should recruit using soft skills (personality, cognition, behaviour, communication)
  • How to evaluate what ‘good looks like’
  • Creating ‘benchmarks’ for your top performing employees
  • Using technology to ensure being GDPR compliant, and why paper-based recruitment may not be
  • Video assessment & computer vision – interviews form an objective viewpoint, 24/7
  • Case studies from multi-national clients, working across the globe
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28th November 2018
11am GMT - 45 Minutes

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Dr Boris Altemeyer is a Business Psychologist, experienced in the fields of organisational design, personnel selection and career consulting, and with specialist expertise in interpersonal communication, technology acceptance and psychological research methods.