Why Cognisess | Predictive Analytics for People Company
Cognisess is a cloud-based, affordable predictive analytics company helping understand people. See why Cognisess for why you should choose us.
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We put all your data into one single place

The fastest path to effective recruitment

Cognisess streamlines selection with time-saving features like job pages, real time analytics and profiling tools. That means you can get straight to what matters most: hiring the right person quickly and affordably the first time, every time.

A flexible and personalised platform

Tailor the look and feel of your Cognisess dashboard in moments, with familiar customisation tools. Using a full range of integration tools, you can take advantage of Cognisess' robust API with full multi-language capability.

Powerful data and insights at your fingertips

Cognisess measures your candidates and employees against sophisticated, customisable benchmarks for best fit, productivity and performance. Armed with this information, you can appraise your entire organisation's make up using Deep Learn™.

Cognisess provides a solution

Dr Boris Altemeyer, CSO of Cognisess discusses how we help companies stop hiring carbon copies of what looked good in the past with machine learning and computer vision.

We deliver results

Cognisess increases the productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of your people processes, supporting better selection, recruitment and talent management to help you build a strong and productive workforce.

We know business

B2B Expertise

We specialise in working with corporates and have experience with large, medium and small businesses across a variety of industries.

Bespoke solutions

Our technology is built on flexible architecture, which means we’re able to offer completely bespoke solutions to suit your particular needs.

Customer facing specialism

Our expertise is in working with businesses and teams focussed on customer-facing roles such in teams like customer services and sales.

Let us show you how we can transform your business