Cognisess Deep Learn™ | Predictive Analytics for People Company
Cognisess is a predictive analytics for people company helping you understand your people. Our Deep Learn™ engine turns people data into clear insights.
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Cognisess Deep Learn™ is the engine and the intelligence behind everything we do.


People data you can bank on

Cognisess Deep Learn™ is an innovative and dynamic predictive analytics tool, able to learn, absorb and react to multiple information streams through a process known as machine learning.


Machine Learning is delivered through our Cognisess User Platform where candidates and employees are measured against over 80 attributes using predominantly game-based assessments. Using Cognisess Deep Learn™, an algorithm is calibrated to predict the unique future performance, retention and talent development potential of all your people. So you can confidently make highly informed, real-time decisions based on the sum of hundreds of millions of data points.


And with the insight of a few highly focused data inputs, complex data or a handful key performance indicators, Cognisess Deep Learn™ gets to the heart of what matters. This means you have the right decision making information at your fingertips to screen quickly, select with precision, and equip your people to perform to their best potential.


Cognisess Deep Learn™ feeds off the following data sources-none of which are bound by a set taxonomy. All of which are calibrated to predict future performance, retention and talent development potential.

Embedded Cognisess Deep Learn™
  • Cognitive performance
  • Behaviour patterns
  • Emotional intelligence
  • Core skills
  • Personality traits
  • Feedback absorption
  • Content analysis


Cognisess Deep Learn™ isn’t distracted by quirks or anomalies in the data. And it isn’t influenced by unconscious bias.

Instead, it takes an objective look at data – gathered from games and assessments – using cognitive indicators, behavioural patterns, personality traits, emotional intelligence and core skills, without making a judgement of who they might belong to.

The algorithm responds to every piece of data available and uses your company’s key performance indicators to understand what ‘best’ means for your specific job role, in your particular team, company and even sector.

This means that when a candidate is identified, they aren’t simply the best fit for a similar role in a similar field; they’re the best fit for your specific position.







Performance Areas


Measurable attributes


Data points

Cognisess Deep Learn™


Cognisess Deep Learn™ is the engine and the intelligence behind everything we do. It’s an innovative and dynamic predictive analytics tool, able to learn, absorb and respond to new information in real-time through a process known as machine learning.

Cognisess Deep Learn™  is equipped to analyse a full range of personality, aptitude and performance indicators. It does this by comparing information based on its own vast dataset – built upon years of scientific research – alongside data from your own organisation’s candidates’ and employees’ performance.

Cognisess Deep Learn™


Cognisess Deep Learn™ is moving towards being completely cloud-based. That means we’ll be able to offer immediate customisation for every organisation. We’ll also be able to collect and analyse appraisal feedback in real time loops, tracking live inputs from both managers and candidates throughout the process.

Using that information, Cognisess Deep Learn™ will be able to accurately predict how well candidates will develop in line with rising expectations over time as their careers progress and in tandem with needs of your business as it evolves and responds to new climates and conditions.

Cognisess Deep Learn™

The Future

Cognisess Deep Learn™ is quietly defining the future of people analytics. We’re on a mission to bring precision to every aspect of the decision-making process, removing guesswork and eliminating bias. We believe true talent should be recognised for what it is – not what people suspect it might be.

The logic algorithms will soon be able to identify the best candidate for a role within any organisation, whether or not they have applied for that position, and even when they may not appear on the surface to have any direct or relevant experience. Precision – not perception.

Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.